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CPV Corporate provides a full range of payroll services. 

We offer our expertise to corporations that need assistance in the preparation of payroll recordings, payroll paperwork, its estimation and taxation.

Tax authority registration

Registration with the Tax Department for Income Tax and VAT purposes. We support clients in the registration process, ensure the complete documentation package is provided, prepare and submit relevant forms and communicate with tax authorities on behalf of a business.

Tax payment submission

Assistance in handling tax and social insurance liabilities, whilst ensuring the timely submission of required documents, so as to avoid penalties.  This also includes the submission of payment forms.

Payroll preparation

Employee data and salary management. This includes the preparation of payroll paperwork, paycheques estimation, payroll recording and File & Pay Payroll Taxation

Social insurance

Enrolment of a unit under the Social Insurance Scheme of Cyprus. This includes the accumulation of employees’ documents for social insurance registration and de-registration, as well as the timely submission of their documents to social insurance.

Income tax returns

Formation and timely submission of the reports on the organisation’s income expenses and financial reports. This includes income tax return forms compliance.



  • It is easy to understand that there is an encouraging and balanced corporate culture at CPV Corporate. I have no reservations recommending their business to any and everyone looking for quality assurance in their corporate endeavours.
    Kwadwo Aidoo
    Senior Accountant, Crystal Cyprus Corporate & Finance Services Ltd
  • CPV Corporate takes the time to develop friendly relationships with their clients. They are perfect and immediate at their job. What surprises me the most is their skill to always surprise you with their ability to predict your needs and exceed your expectations!
    Katerina Markidou
    Business Development Consultant, G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Ltd
  • It’s not everyday you get a wholesome corporate services experience. A combination of service with a smile, punctuality, precision and an impressive knowledge of the business. These are the attributes that resonate from CPV Corporate from my doing business with them over the years.
    Kwadwo Aidoo
    Senior Accountant, Crystal Cyprus Corporate & Finance Services Ltd
  • CPV Corporate has been by our side from the very first day of our operations. Currently, we are celebrating our 10th successful year of collaboration; everything we have accomplished up to now has been because of CPV Corporate's support. A trustworthy and professional partner for every business to have by their side!
    Giorgos Giorgakis
    Managing Director, G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Ltd


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