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A private investor approached us with his idea to invest in building a hotel in one of Limassol’s prestigious locations.
The client first asked a real estate agent to look into his query and was presented with a piece of land that met the required criteria at the price between 3-4 million.  The real estate agent demanded 2 million in advance before proceeding to any further actions. The client was in doubt about the asking price and asked us to consult and form an accurate buying decision. The initial step was to evaluate all the land-related information, including the investigation of the actual land and area.
A trading company, with a focus on buying and selling bonds and shares, contacted us to review their annual financial statement prepared by an accounting firm in Cyprus.
The request included an investigation of any possible misstatements in the financial reports due to income miscalculation. The company owner claimed the bookkeeping to be improper, resulting in distorted financial results, which in turn showed a lower amount of income than the company actually earned.  The above conclusion was based on the owner's personal Excel calculations recorded throughout the year.  
The income in his own calculations were equal to 20 million, while the final statements reflected sales at 10 million. The number of securities traded through the brokerage account and posted in the accounting books fully reconciled with the number of securities shown in the owner's Excel file. At the same time, the values of transactions had substantial differences. Taking the matter in our own hands, our priority was to thoroughly investigate the accounting records further and review the Excel spreadsheet.  
A client approached us with a financial statement completed by an external accountant and the suspicion that the bookkeeping was improper.
The client believed that the external accountant prepared the accounting books showing higher income and fewer purchases than actually made. Our accountants were requested to find and correct the gaps and mistakes in accounting. 
Before diving deeper into the matter, we asked the client to provide us with all the invoices issued and received during the financial year, as well as any other relevant information. 
A client contacted us with a question and a request to communicate with his bank to accurately reconcile his payments with his purchases.
He was positive that the bank statement was misstated, and that the bank did not include some payments made to his vendors. The client asked us to verify it and find a solution. While extensively examining the case, we found that the bank statements did not include some of the payments to vendors. At the same time, in the bookkeeping, all the payments were recorded. 


  • It is easy to understand that there is an encouraging and balanced corporate culture at CPV Corporate. I have no reservations recommending their business to any and everyone looking for quality assurance in their corporate endeavours.
    Kwadwo Aidoo
    Senior Accountant, Crystal Cyprus Corporate & Finance Services Ltd
  • CPV Corporate takes the time to develop friendly relationships with their clients. They are perfect and immediate at their job. What surprises me the most is their skill to always surprise you with their ability to predict your needs and exceed your expectations!
    Katerina Markidou
    Business Development Consultant, G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Ltd
  • It’s not everyday you get a wholesome corporate services experience. A combination of service with a smile, punctuality, precision and an impressive knowledge of the business. These are the attributes that resonate from CPV Corporate from my doing business with them over the years.
    Kwadwo Aidoo
    Senior Accountant, Crystal Cyprus Corporate & Finance Services Ltd
  • CPV Corporate has been by our side from the very first day of our operations. Currently, we are celebrating our 10th successful year of collaboration; everything we have accomplished up to now has been because of CPV Corporate's support. A trustworthy and professional partner for every business to have by their side!
    Giorgos Giorgakis
    Managing Director, G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Ltd


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